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His plans are wonderful

God is Limitless Dream Big Print - - Inspirational - Christian - Pink - Orange - Yellow.

Courage to let God have control   https://www.facebook.com/verseinspire/photos10152242171216718

“Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on.” — Samuel Butler

Faith is Having the Courage to let God have Control. My Courage is with in Gods Control. He Shall Heal Me and Make Me Walk Again this Summer, as my Recovery from my Neck and Spine Surgery is Coming along Well.

wonderful blog of devotionals, 'posters' and other spiritual items

He deserves my boldness in professing His love and mercy.free to all for the taking, should we only reach out to meet His ever-outstretched hand ♥

lettering art 33

Lettering Art Examples For Inspiration

Lead by example.

My children need to see Christ in my actions, not just hear about Him in my words. Especially with your children, they need to see you walk the Godly walk and not just talk it.

Jesus be the center of my life.

Jesus be the center of my life. Sometimes God withholds everything from us except His promises in order to make us ask ourselves, “Is this — His promise — enough for me?

Faith is not hoping God can, it is knowing He will

"Faith is not hoping God can. It is knowing He will." The assurance of things hoped for, the belief in things not yet seen.


Inspirational Christian Quote Message Stretched Canvas Print I would like to try this, with an inspirational quote or not using turquoise paint and black ink.

Probably because our plans are pretty crummy compared to what God knows would be best for us.  Let Him reconstruct your life!  Might hurt a little... but the fulfillment that follows will be well worth it.

when EVERYTHING seems like it's falling apart, that's when God is putting things together just the way he wants it. I sure hope so! or I have no hope at all