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50 Survival gadgets you forgot to buy: http://www.happypreppers.com/survival-items.html

Just when you thought you had about everything you need for survival, Happy Preppers provides a list of the essential items you forgot! There are fifty survival gadgets in all to improve your chances for survival - Here's the NIFTY FIFTY

37 Things You Should HOARD In Case of a Crisis : it takes only 3 hours after a crisis for these grocery items to be sold out. A simple yet amazing grocery list..

50 Survival Items You Forgot To Buy

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How to make Waterproof Straw Fire Starters. | Incredible survival tip. A nice detailed instructions and photos on how to do it.

Waterproof Fire Starters

Survival Tip: How to make waterproof straw fire starters. - Instead of plain cotton balls, you could smear petroleum jelly on them before you put them in the straw.

10 Survival Foods You Can Grow. I'm really reminded of old-school Victory Gardens!

10 Survival Foods You Need to be Growing

Even though I'm not a survivalist, the changing weather makes these items necessary to keep on hand

Be prepared, have what you need on hand before the rush during an emergency and you are left with nothing. The changing weather makes these items necessary to keep on hand