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Chunky Knit Throw - free pattern - this pin takes you to one person's description of how she made it and what yarn she used. Here is the link to the pattern:

Pattern: Lacy Chunky Throw by Wenlan Chia Source: Classic Elite WebLetter Materials: Twinkle “Soft Chunky”; 7 skeins in “Mink” Needles: Circulars in size US Pattern link in comment section.

Reversible Crochet Baby Blanket...I like the idea.  I could make something like this!

I like the idea. Instead of sewing, I'd crochet a border around, so another row, and then start crocheting the other side of the blanket. Perhaps slip stitch at the ends of the rows.


I could like this granny square pattern! Big big Color Blocks blanket made by Free Classic Granny Square pattern by Purl Soho.


VIBEKE DESIGN: this is the exact color scheme I would choose for a crocheted quilt. Just need to find someone who crochets with cotton yarn instead of acyrlic. salmon  After stitching in all the ends, I did a row of half trebles all <span class="best-highlight">the way round in pale pink, followed by treble clusters in aqua, then pale pink scallop shells in double trebles, with cream double crochet to finish.</span>  UPDATE: Julie has now finished her blanket and the pattern link above takes you to a page on her blog dedicated...

TinasAllsorts' Stripey Blanket