A great activity after reading "The Rainbow Fish" Use stickers to add colorful scales to the Rainbow Fish

Fine motor skills - Rainbow Fish Sticker Scales Place the happy face stickers onto the white part of the fish to turn him into Rainbow Fish! Peeling small stickers is a good way to work on fine motor skills.

A Spoonful of Learning: Ocean Fun! Part One

literacy concepts: given a paper, and a rainbow fish picture, child will be able to explain about their family and friends. program goal: child will develop effective language skills, both listening and speaking.

Free printable for the Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. Kindergarten literacy cut and paste activity: label the rainbow fish :)

Reading/Literacy Lesson: -Given the Rainbow Fish sheet SWBAT read the labels after reading the book. -Given a marker SWBAT draw lines from the words to the corresponding boxes Program Goal: Develop necessary skills for a smooth kindergarten transition