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Flesh and stone: Verlo ahora que sabemos quien es River realmente y que ella sabe quien es Amy.

Awesome fan made “movie poster” for Flesh and Stone (Series

The only constant is change. (Which is why I don't get it when people freak out when the TARDIS changes, or the intro changes, etc. That's one of the many things I love about the show, is how much it changes yet still stays the same...)

What Doctor Who Can Teach Us About Unemployment


Pond Williams, like Bad Wolf. I'm still dying over Donna and then you rip Amy and Rory away too? This stinks.

The Song and the Story

The song is ending, but the story never ends.

Awkward moment when the Doctor realizes that his two companions have been doing it in the TARDIS.

Awkward moment where the Doctor realizes his friends have been doing it in the TARDIS

I’m still waiting for a madman with a box to whisk me away through time and space. But until he comes, I’ll have to pilot the TARDIS myself. Toymaker Character introduced the TARDIS …

The new Doctor lands this August.Doctor Who Series 8 The first TV teaser trailer - BBC One