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In Honor of July World UFO Day: 1956 Flying platform being tested at an Air Force base

clowns are not scary

"I see you" ~♛ Photo of weid black and white clown head coming through two old buildings. Creepy and awesome.

vintage photograph

Fake photo of crowd watching flying bike. April Fools' joke of a German newspaper about Obviously no one can pedal fast enough to achieve this type of flight. but you already knew that right?


Uncomfortable bike parked next to comfortable bike - I'd choose the airhead.


The Williams X-JET, or “Williams Aerial Systems Platform II”, 1982 The previous WASP was evaluated by The US Marine Corps eight years earlier. This version was extensively tested by the US Army, who.

She was ready for anything even if fear shook her from her bones.

Amelia Earhart is helped out of her deep sea diving suit after exploring the bottom of the sea off Block Island, Rhode Island. July <<<AMELIA IS MY HERO

predator+drones | ... should run the drone program that kills suspected terrorists abroad

As drones — otherwise known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — become increasingly popular in military operations and civilian law enforcement, their deployment is coming under greater scrutiny.

Here is X-1 6063 after it had been modified into the X-1E. The real obvious difference is the new style canopy but internal improvements and wing design made this a very different aircraft. The aircraft was named "Little Joe" and the pilot here in this photo is Joe Walker who flew this airplane no less than 27 times.

NACA test pilot Joseph Albert Walker made 21 of the 26 flights. In this photograph, Joe Walker is wearing a David Clark Co. capstan-type partial-pressure suit with a helmet for protection at high altitudes.

Democracy is on the way

President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional secret ‘kill list’ includes a girl along with several American citizens, “Mr. Obama has placed

Long Distance Relationship Advice

Planes and airports have a special place in my heart. A place where adventures begin.

A baby is restrained for an x-ray at Provident Hospital in Chicago, 1942 The advances we've made are amazing.

A baby is restrained for an x-ray at Provident Hospital in Chicago, 1942 [1024x1353]

A baby is restrained for an X-ray at Provident Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. Photo by Jack Delano, March, 1942

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Graf-Zeppelin arriving in N.Y. for second time

Boston Public Library-Graf-Zeppelin arriving in NY(more likely at Lakehurst, NJ) for second time 1929 Creator: Jones, Leslie, (photographer) Date created: 1929