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HONMEET Ethernet Adapter Gigabit LAN Network Adapter USB Ethernet Converter USB Adapters Type c to Ethernet LAN Internet Network Adapter USB Adaptor Network Card Wired Abs

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Color: Black
USB 3. 0 Converter: Practical network adapter to handle gaming, streaming, work and video process needs.
USB Type c To Ethernet: Driver- free, plug and play, compatible with multiple systems.
Rj45 To USB Converter: If the host computer network is damaged, you can reconnect to the Internet via USB.
Type c To Ethernet: USB 3.0 Gigabit network card, to solve the problem of computer without network port or damage port.
USB Ethernet Converter: Connect to the wired network, no buffering for watching movies, and can also be with a keyboard ( not included ) to work at any time.
Package Dimensions: 20x60x34
Department: Personal Computer
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