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Henri Matisse, el pintor francés, llegó a Tanger en 1912 buscando el sol y su luminosidad... Os proponemos seguir los pasos de Matisse, en un espectacular circuito por Marruecos visitando las Ciudades Imperiales... www.1000tentaciones.com     (Matisse, Fenêtre à Tanger)

Henri Matisse, Landscape viewed from a window, 1912 (Tangiers), The Pushkin Museum, Moscow



Henri Matisse - Entrance to the Kasbah, 1912, oil on canvas

Henri Matisse, Entrance to the Kasbah, 1912 I just read Chasing Matisse. wonder if this is the Kasbah entrance he found from in his search.

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Rare Bronze Owl Brooch Found on Danish Island : Discovery News

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virtual-artifacts: “Iron Age Owl Brooch Unearthed in Denmark Shaped like an owl, the brooch, which has large orange eyes and colorful wings, dates to the Iron Age, and would have been used to fasten a man’s cloak. “There are very few of these types.

Henri Matisse, Silfide, 1926.

Henri Matisse: Sylphide, 1926 One of my favorite painters. Saw his work at the Denver Art Musuem.