It's Valentine's Day and hearts are everywhere! It inspired me to gather together a collection of my artsy hearts. I love hearts and put .

Journaling--this is my favorite LETTER PIN of all.  What creativity.  Anyone can express themselves this way.  You do not have to be an artist.  Never say " I do not know how"  because you can do it.

…the hottest artful Lettering Class online! Introducing my first online workshop: "Letter Love Art Journals" .

que te abraza

Heart art journal page. love the blue and bright pink and the road map in the background

Buttterflly amore 8x8 Art Print scrittura di karladornacher

Buttterflly Love - Art Print Scripture Christian Inspirational Wall Art by karladornacher


Reminds me of the Steve Winwood song, "When You See A Chance" from his "Arc of a Diver" album. Whimspirations by joanne sharpe 2012