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Officially named Eilean a Chomhraidh. Over 1,500 years or so, when clansman had a disagreement, the feuding parties where taken out to the island and left alone with whiskey, cheese, and oat cakes and didn't leave the island until the dispute was settled. The result, in over 1,500 years, only 1 recorded murder in the area  -  we need such islands,now!  |  Ultrafacts tumblr

ultrafacts: “ The Island of Discussion, Glencoe, Scotland. It was a place to settle disputes. A place to resolve differences. Officially named Eilean a’ Chomhraidh, the Island of Discussion is small and alone. This island has served a noble purpose.

A Guide to Deduction

A guide to deduction A wallet with slits along the sides of the most easily accessible card slot often belongs to a regular commuter. Thin train tickets do not bulge the slots, but can cause frequent small damage to the wallet.