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A Guide to Body Language — aguidetodeduction: Suggested by AC it's almost funny, I can easily recreate an "eye smile" and I'm not an actor, although I've considered it

A Guide to Deduction

A guide to deduction They refer to dilated pupils, a reflex which occurs when the sympathetic nervous system is activated.

A Guide to Deduction: #138

A Guide to Deduction If someone wears a piece of jewellery that doesn't coordinate with their outfit, it probably holds sentimental value.

Group of: Sherlock A Guide To Deduction | We Heart It

Clean/new shoes with worn down soles are used for regular running, probably inside. Group of: Sherlock A Guide To Deduction

A Guide To Manipulation

Good comebacks to say in a argument essay Good comebacks to say in a argumentative essay Drowsy Driving Prevention Week: November To bring heightened awareness to the perils of driving while sleep.