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"Grabbing a person's elbow (Ina friendly manner) is it good way to throw a person off and prevent them from line successfully.

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"If you see a colourful stain on someone, it's easy to tell what material they worked with" A Guide To Deduction

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A Guide To Deduction People who dance ballet may hold their hand with their middle finger slightly bent.

A guide to deduction 18

A Guide to Deduction. Learning about human behavior helps us accurately portray emotions

Which is why one should practice first.....not that I would know anything about that

If a person blinks less than 2 times a minute is a sign of nerves, possibly from lying or from anti-social habits.

A Guide to Deduction--11

Sorry I disagree, I do a lot of manual work and am constantly cleaning my hands and nails because I hate them being dirty. I can't leave the house with paint or dirt on my hands.