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Augusto. Un gobernante excelente.

Augusto. Un gobernante excelente.

Alexander the Great (July 20, 356 - June 10, 323 B.C.)

Alexander the of Alexander in Istanbul Archaeology Museum. - Ancient king of Macedonia in northern Greece. Born in Pella, up to 16 years have been made in any of his mentor Aristotle. 30 years old, he has created one of the largest empire in history

Jupiter Smyrna Louvre Ma13.jpg ~ God of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order, justice. His symbols also included the owl, eagle bull, and oak. wikipedia.org

Jupiter Smyrna Louvre Zeus god of the sky,lightning,thunder,law order and justice.

Apollo Sculpture (page 2) - Pics about space

I am Apollo! Which Greek God Are You? Check out my recently published book: "Knock Until the Dog Barks: An Adventure in Puerto Vallarta." And remember that Apollo helped me write it. Student writings from Apollo High School and the good god himself.


Changing of the Gods?

The god of fire and metalworking. He was born disfigured, and his parentals through him out of Olympus, which was quite shameful, if you ask me. He was in an arranged marriage to Aphrodite. She wasn't too keen about all the soot. What a priss.

Ares. 420.B.C. Roman marble after a Greek original. |  Hermitage Museum.

Ares is the god of war. Any battle of scuffle of that time, he was usually called upon for help to make them victorious. Head of Ares - after Greek original by Alkamenes 420 B.C, at the State Hermitage Museum, Saint-Petersburg

Young girl with a dove. Marble, Roman copy from an Hellenistic original of the 2nd century BCE.

Young Girl w/ a Dove -- Roman copy of a Hellenistic original of the Century BCE -- Marble

The Orator, c. 100 BC, an Etrusco-Roman bronze sculpture depicting Aule Metele (Latin: Aulus Metellus), an Etruscan man of Roman senatorial rank, engaging in rhetoric. He wears senatorial shoes, and a toga praetexta of "skimpy" (exigua) Republican type.[3] The statue features an inscription in the Etruscan alphabet

The Orator, c. 100 BC, an Etrusco-Roman bronze sculpture depicting Aule Metele…