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Laser Cut, Edible Rings Turn Food Into Fashion

printed rings for Cookies by Tourdefork , The printed rings for real delicious cookies by creative consultancy Tourdefork. The Milan and London-based food design lab created these items.

My french fries bring all the boys to the yard! paula.lindblom: eatable jewelleries…by CAROLINE BACKMAN-SE-

My french fries bring all the boys to the yard!lindblom: eatable jewelleries…by CAROLINE BACKMAN-SE-

Edible Jewelry

Edible Jewelry

Party Time, Teatro

Rainbow Crayon Ring - Want to make one of these out of all the broken crayon pieces I've been saving.

Rainbow Ring

Rainbow Crayon Ring - A Rainbow of a Crayon - A Montessori and Waldorf Inspired Color Learning Toy

Gold & Champagne Marshmallows - Champagne-infused, handcrafted marshmallows dipped in gold. Delicious out of the box or toasted, or use it to garnish a Champagne flute.