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Nautical Rainbow - Middle Cove Beach, Newfoundland, Canada

Glassel (n): A seaside pebble which was shiny and interesting when wet, and which is now a lump of rock, but which children nevertheless insist on filling their suitcases with after a holiday.

Petit Cabinet de Curiosites

Pegasus Gallery of Canadian Art ~ Salt Spring Island Art Gallery ~ Northwest Coast Native Art ~ Kristina Boardman, artist

The direction of arms or legs could indicate direction for navigation, valley for passage.  an inukshuk without arms or with antlers added to it, would serve as a symbol for a store of food.

Native American populations descend from three key migrations, scientists say -- ScienceDaily

When icicles form beneath the sea, you better get out of their way.

Brinicles: What are 'icicles of death'?

Brinicles are the underwater equivalent of icicles they form below ice when a flow of saline water connects with ocean water!

#marron #brown Color Malibu. Ron de coco Malibu. browns and greys Inspiration . . .من الذي خلقها وصورها !!؟ الله الواحد الأحد سبحانه !!

Not a fractal per se.but definitely a spiral and I love spirals too - from Desktop Wallpaper Digital Art Stone Spiral Creative Commons

Pebbles; I might think the sky was falling too...for a minute or two

The friendship between my hand and this stone enacts an ancient and irrefutable eros, the kindredness of matter with itself. - David Abram, Becoming Animal

HerringCove_03 I LOVE ROCKS>>>     the beautiful colours, shapes  and what they represent; the natural world as strength, endurance and longevity..while keeping silent and peaceful as the world vibrates chaos.

Beautiful Rocks,Enjoy Them As They are.If You prefer to change or rearange them so many things can be done with them!