How to Do a Grand Jete

A Grand Jeté is a stunning ballet movement in which the dancer leaps into the air to perform a split. Also known as a split jump, this impressive move is doa.

How to Learn Basic Ballet Moves

Ballet is an art that enables you to express yourself through movement, imagery and emotion. This article will teach you how to perform the basic ballet posi.

How to Master Your Foot Arch for Ballet

How to Master Your Foot Arch for Ballet

How to Stand En Pointe

It's every young girl ballet student's dream to one day dance on the tips of her toes, leaving audiences breathless. But before audiences can be amazed, year.

How to Care for Feet After Being En Pointe

Learning to dance en Pointe is a coming of age for any Ballet student. It can take years of learning Ballet before you're good enough and strong enough to le.

How to Do Ballet Fouette Turns

If you have some basic ballet, jazz, lyrical, etc. skills, you probably want to know how to do a fouette turn.

How to Do a Plie in Ballet

A plié is a simple ballet step that is learned while covering the basics. There are two version of a plié—a demi-plié and a grand-plié.