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a young man wearing white pants and a sailor's cap
a close up of a person wearing a black shirt and looking off to the side
a man with suspenders and a black shirt
Leo Wu
a young man sitting on the ground wearing a white shirt
Harper’s Bazaar2023.02.14
a woman standing in front of a stone wall wearing brown pants and a white shirt
Fragments in Tokyo 2023.10.30
a young man in black pants and a brown jacket is standing against a gray wall
the young man is wearing a white suit and pink shirt with pearls around his neck
a young man wearing a black suit and necklace
a young man in a black suit and gold bracelets
a male in a black shirt and pants standing on a stage with flowers behind him
heart to you💗
a male model in a black turtle neck sweater and pants on the catwalk at an event
a young man wearing a black shirt and silver necklace
Wu Lei
a young man in a suit sitting down with his hand on his hip and looking at the camera