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I.S.S.John Dillinger by stourangeau on DeviantArt

While creating the last commission for I decided to do a upgraded "Super Akira Class" with more weapons and since some people think the Luna is just a A... I.S.S.John Dillinger

Star Trek: Stellar Cartography illustration by thefirstfleet on DeviantArt

Part of a project work with startrekisincredible and Bernd Schneider of Ex Astris Scientia, an illustration for Star Trek: Stellar Cartography. Models b... Star Trek: Stellar Cartography illustration

The Fat Duck by Colourbrand on DeviantArt

So, she thought; this is the end result of twenty years of peace? She looked at the new starship that sat at dock through her bunk window. It was like n... The Fat Duck

Veterans by thefirstfleet on DeviantArt

Two battleships fly in formation, ready to take on any challenge the Galaxy could present... Models by me Background by NASA Veterans

Cosmic Clouds by Jetfreak-7 on DeviantArt

A lone Starbase somewhere in the frontier. Model by the FO Team, BG by synax444 and kire1987 Cosmic Clouds

Insurmountable Odds by DarthAssassin on DeviantArt

In the waning hours of the Dominion War, the massive Federation-Klingon-Romulan armada sets a course for Cardassia, to take on the ever-persistent Domin... Insurmountable Odds

Derelict by Eaglesg on DeviantArt

Stardate 57038.3 - U.S.S. Dallas, floating derelict just outside a region of space classified as the Brecha Rift... Those who played Elite Force II will... Derelict

Axanar Star Ship Chart by jbobroony on DeviantArt

Ships from the fan film Axanar Axanar Star Ship Chart

No Choice. by anno78 on DeviantArt

Art by Jetfreak 7(original title Fighting The Enemy). The tale below may change as currently I'm all drugged up and brain is very fuzzy. Captain's Log S... No Choice.

Commissioned: Legacy Heriage Class Carrier Cruiser by Colourbrand on DeviantArt

A request by for a ship to be the centre of a concept of adventures; she wished it to be a mix of a number of vessels but be it's own beauty. I loved ho... Commissioned: Legacy Heriage Class Carrier Cruiser

CONTINUAL FIRE ALL PHASERS!! by robindbobin on DeviantArt

the ambassador design by andy probert, rendered by tobias richter CONTINUAL FIRE ALL PHASERS!!