Pervercion Nostra

Pervercion Nostra

La perversidad esta en todos, cada uno la usa como mas le place...
Pervercion Nostra
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pulsera blanca

A Century Chinese ivory dragon pattern sprung bangle inset with ruby cabochon eyes, the finely carved dragon head to the sixty finely carved scale back links ~ HAUTE IN CHINA

pulsera negra

♂Stuff And Toys For BIG Boys♂ John Hardy Men's Naga Sterling Silver Dragon Woven Black Leather Bracelet - Bracelets - Shop by Style - Fine Jewelry - Bloomingdale's

agarra muñeca

Ancient creatures being recreated today with modern material. This chain mail dragon is a wonderful example of the manufacturing of chain mail with the imagination to create a beautiful piece of jewelry and artwork.


Cute design, looks like the scales were incorporated into a modified persian dragonscale (pun not intended :P) similar to the glass rings in the BBB Glass Caterpillar