Octavio Paz, Borges. <3

Jorge Luis Borges (on right), the Argentine surrealist, magical realist and existentialist writer, with Octavio Paz, the Mexican poet.

Jorge Luis Borges quote

My whole life is a resource, a learning experience, research for my next book.

In the preface, Borges states that the book is to be read "as with all miscellanies... not... straight through... Rather we would like the r...

Manual de Zoologia Fantastica - contains descriptions of 120 mythical beasts from folklore and literature

'A Note On (toward) Bernard Shaw' by Jorge Luis Borges

A book is not an isolated entity. It is a relationship, an axis of innumerable relationships. JL Borges - A note on [toward] Bernard Shaw

Jorge Luis Borges Compass art

New York, New York For example, Jorge Luis Borges’ quote is visually extended by multiple compass roses. On another inset panel Francis Bacon’s quote &quote;


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