Need to try this glazing style with the color being on the inside with a nice simple color on the outside

Wonderful linear texture on these porcelain Scribble Bowls by PigeonToeCeramics . I wish I could afford an entire set!

Black Etched Bowls

I like this design as the bowl is not perfectly smooth and has been shaped by pitching. I like the use of the white clay and the black paint. Hand-pinched bowl in black and white from Brooklyn artist Suzanne Sullivan.

Cup and Spoon Friends ceramic porcelain by vanessabeanshop

Cup and Spoon Friends – ceramic – porcelain – pottery

Ring dish assortment / quiet clementine


quiet clementine // contrast between bright block colour and pattern // continuity through the same splatter pattern on the whole dish //

Macetas multicolor para decorar

Macetas multicolor para decorar

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Colourful cactus

INTJ Decorating for the Mastermind

Create a mini garden-using cactus plants that are low-maintenance and don’t require too much space or watering.// Mini Cactus Garden Full of Color and Design

Piezas artesanales que emanan calidez, de la firma Mundo Cacharro.

Aliados deco para vivir la merienda sin apuro

Homemade pieces that emanate warmth, from the signature Mundo Cacharro.