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Lol and todays generation think they have it sooooo bad? God I feel old lol anyone remember the Dewey decimal system?


Next time students complain about a research assignment, remind them of this. :)

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100 things you should have done at school before the age of 11 – chosen by primary pupils

TES surveyed 2,500 pupils to discover the experiences they value at school

Appreciation Gift Idea: Personalized Wine Bottles Teacher Appreciation Gift: Wine Bottles with Personalized Labels

Funniest teacher gift ever! The label says "our child may be the reason that you drink so enjoy this bottle on us"

Fundraising Letter to Parents Best Of This May Be the Best Pta Fundraising Letter We Ve Ever Seen Pto

Far Out Friday: School’s hilarious fundraising letter goes viral

Parental involvement in school fundraisers is normally something that principals try to maintain, but one school has devised a hilarious way to encourage the exact opposite.

Teacher's Day As Described By Classic Book Titles Teacher Appreciation: A Teacher’s Day As Described By Classic Book Titles - pretty cute!Teacher Appreciation: A Teacher’s Day As Described By Classic Book Titles - pretty cute! Teacher Humour, Teaching Humor, Teaching Quotes, Teacher Memes, Teaching Tips, My Teacher, Teacher Sayings, Teacher Stuff, Humor Videos

A Teacher's Day As Described By Classic Book Titles

From Great Expectations to The Sound and the Fury, it's a long day. By Hannah Hudson

Teacher humor - the ways that kids handle sitting on the carpet, markers, and desk arrangements. Only a teacher would believe this stuff even happens. Teacher Humour, My Teacher, Funny Teacher Memes, Funny Teachers, Hilarious Memes, English Teacher Memes, Ems Funny, Teacher Sayings, Funny Gifs

Memes in the Classroom, or, Why I Let My Snark Flag Fly

Despite knowing deep-down that I'm a great teacher with lots of innovative and inspiring ideas for helping kids learn how to read and write ...

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Funny Teacher Quotes, Graphics, and PDF files For my Mom… A teacher: Dear Parents: If you promise not to believe everything your child says happens at school, I’ll promise not to believe everything.

100+ Funny Teacher Quotes, Graphics, and PDF files

For my Mom... A teacher: Dear Parents: If you promise not to believe everything your child says happens at school, I'll promise not to believe everything he says happens at home. For more funny teacher quotes: http://www.uniqueteachingresources.com/Funny-Teacher-Quotes.html

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Do you ever feel this way too? Find more funny and humorous elementary teacher memes here that might ring true to you about your teaching life! Classroom Humor, Classroom Posters, Classroom Teacher, Elementary Teacher, School Quotes, School Memes, Teacher Appreciation, Professor, Teacher Humour

Comedy in the Classroom: 50 Ways to Bring Laughter Into Any Lesson | InformED

During a recent class session, my students stared at me with blank expressions, glassy eyes, pasty and pale skin, and jowls drooping. I think I even saw a string of saliva hanging from the corner of one student’s mouth. I was reviewing plot structure. It was perfect except for the fact that I was boring... Read More

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31 Faces Every Teacher Will Immediately Recognise

FINALLY THE WEEKEND... now I can catch up on all my marking.

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This whiteboard has a rather graphic illustration of the classic joke "Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9."

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24 hilarious teachers having fun in their job

Teachers often have to be serious and try to keep an adequate distance between them and their students. While this conduct is absolutely not questionable, we can’t deny to appreciate those times when even teacher revealed their true nature of people with a good sense of humor. These 24 teachers found the best ways to […] More