Forest plants: Identification

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Pictures and plant identification

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Leaf Identification

These pictures and their accompanying text are taken from a beautiful old book on tree identification written by R. ST. Barbe Baker, the self-styled founder of the wonderfully-named The Men of the Trees, an organisation I know nothing about, but wish I had belonged to. The book came out in the 1940s, so all of it is now copyright free. I post this material for those of you who are of a Crafty persuasion (you know who you are;) and anyone else who is interested and would find the information…

A handy guide to identifying trees from their buds

How helpful of Discover the Wild to produce a quick guide to tree buds. A perfect handy guide for Spring walks. They say this about their guide, …. here is a quick guide to some of the commo…

Your Seasonal Greenery Just Got Even More Stylish

You don't need wreaths and garlands to deck the halls. Learn three arrangements that use seasonal greenery in a whole new way.

Garden Note #85: Acorns

(Illustrations- Dorothea and Sy Barlowe, 1952)

Pine Cones Field Guide Art Print / Watercolor Painting / Wall Art / Nature Print

This print of a watercolor paper features Pine Cones of North America as a field guide classification chart. It includes these pine cones: Bristlecone Eastern White Jack Limber Loblolly Lodgepole Longleaf Pitch Pinyon Ponderosa Red Scotch Shortleaf Slash Sugar This piece matches my Acorns Field Guide: This is a signed piece, sized 8.5"x11" inches and printed on 68lb. UltraPro Satin paper from Red River Paper…

Characteristics of Trees' Rings

As the tree grows it starts the appearance of rings inside the trunk. Counting the rings of a tree gives a fairly accurate measure of a tree’s age. The growth rings show how the weather has changed and affected the tree’s quality of life over the years. The wider the rings the more growth of the tree and the closer it is to ideal weather conditions. The narrow the rings will indicate less growth due to cold weather or drought conditions. The oldest layer of growth is in the center; the…

monotropa; indian pipe; ghost plant. found in rich woody areas.

monotropa; indian pipe; ghost plant. found in rich woody areas.

an overview of the work of Christina Brodie

Micscape Magazine for enthusiast microscopy

Simple Keys for Identifying Conifers: The Pine Family

Have you ever given much consideration to the various pine trees around you? My children and I have been slowly identifying the deciduous trees in our neighborhood and can now identify a few during the winter by the buds that develop in late summer. But it wasn’t until recently that we set on a quest …


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Michigan Arbor Day Alliance

The Michigan Arbor Day Alliance and its partner organizations are dedicated to the promotion and celebration of Arbor Day in Michigan. Learn how you can get involved, about the tree planters holiday, and even how to fund your own tree planting.

Tree Identification - Tree Musketeers

It’s easy to go through life with what our third-grade teacher taught us about trees. What we ‘half remember’ is enough for us to happily relegate trees to

Identification of Maple tree for tapping

Sugaring or Tapping Maple Trees

Identification of Maple tree for tapping