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Pauli Bullrich

Pauli Bullrich
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7-Day Morning Workout Challenge

This arm workout is Part I of our Resistance Bands Challenge. This workout will challenge you on a new level. Challenge brings change and change brings strong, lean arms.

8 Killer Lower Ab Workouts | YouBeauty

Target Your Lower Abs * a set of light weights ( Hold arms out by your knees Lower arms and tap the ground lift back to start position ***Repeat as you hold the c-curve for seconds, concentrating on the arm movements the entire time.

split squat

Reps: each side Begin by placing the toes of your right foot on a bench, box, stair or chair, with your left leg straight. Make sure your left foot is

7 Ways to Get Perky Boobs

Using five to weights as handles, hold your body up in a pushup position, with your legs wider than hip width for more stability. Life your right arm, holding the weight up, opening your body all the way to the right making a "T" shape with your body