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two small koala bears with pink flowers on their heads sitting next to each other
Wedding Cake Topper-love Koala
Wedding Cake Topper-love Koala | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
there are two magnets on the wall that say leonardo and a koala bear
Fiocco Nascita Koala
a tiny toy elephant sitting on someone's hand in front of some yellow flowers
Cold Porcelain Koala
three toy bears with bow ties on each one's head are standing next to each other
Koala MochiEgg wedding cake topper
Koala MochiEgg wedding cake topper
there are three teddy bears and two pandas on sticks
CrumbAvenue - Etsy
Cute Bear Cake Toppers - I made them using the 'Baby Dino' templates :) / panda, teddy, koala, cake topper, baby shower, birthday, kids, boy, girl, figurine, figurines, fondant, gum paste, template, adorable, idea, clay, inspiration
there are many small teddy bears with glasses on them
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a brown teddy bear with a blue bow tie on it's head is sitting in front of a white background
Lembrancinha Ursinho
Lembrancinha para nascimento ou chá de bebê. O valor refere-se apenas ao aplique de biscuit. Para adicionar ímã de geladeira, potinho, caixa acrílica, tubete, entre outros, favor solicitar orçamento. Cores a escolher. Medida aproximada 5,5 cm de diâmetro. Frete por conta do comprador.
three brown teddy bears sitting next to each other on a white surface with balloons in the shape of hearts
Pasta flexible
three teddy bears with name tags on them sitting next to each other and confetti
two teddy bears are sitting next to each other on a blue and pink background with the words lara mateus written in spanish
Biscuit by Valéria Lima
Biscuit by Valéria Lima
a teddy bear sitting next to a blue and white number one cake topper on a table
Topo de bolo ursinho marinheiro
three teddy bears sitting on top of each other in front of a white wall with the words rose's cake written below it
Fondant Toppers, Bebes
a small teddy bear holding a stuffed animal