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After 9 seasons well, last years wasn't bad for him, we just knew it wouldn't be good for him when it started but nothing bad happened to him last

Quiz: The Ultimate Grey's Anatomy Who Said It Test. (22 Questions) -- womendotcom

Shonda Rhimes created show Grey's Anatomy quote quiz for ultimate fans, with questions about Meredith Grey, Derek Shepherd, Alex Karev, Jo Wilson.

Fun trivia Grey's Anatomy quiz on which specialty you might have, with Peds, Neuro, and General - Alex Karev, Derek Shepherd, and Meredith Grey. Greys Anatomy trivia, Grey's quiz. Grey's trivia. Grey's test.

How closely have you been watching Grey& Anatomy? Can you actually pick the right cast member from their surgery cap? Only the biggest fans will ace this quiz!

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