I was not planning to buy anything this month as I wanted to save for a trip, however Is still need the shoes, I decided I don't want to spend more than 100 euro on the new sporty shoes, 12-11-2013, 9.00 at home, Amsterdam

37 Savings Changes You Can Make Today

Mustache Piggy Bank, Savings Jar, My Stache. Date jar, anniversary jar,


Burlap vases 2 upcycled tin can containers for country, rustic, barn wedding for picnic

Tubos de carton o latas recicladas,forradas con estambre, listón o hilo de yute

Too messy on your desk? Let’s make a nice and easy desktop organizer to put everything neatly. Let’s get started! What you need: Empty containers: you can use tin cans, baby formula canisters and…