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Crochet stitch diagram Tbhis is so nice. It looks like a modification of the Solomon stitch or Lover's Knot stitch but more refined. I am doing Solomons now and am intrigued to try this one now

Crochet maxi skirt free pattern.

Outstanding Crochet: Crochet Stone Maxi skirt from Bostonproper. I love this skirt! So feminine yet so bohemian hip.

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Outstanding Crochet: Summer sleeveless dress from Dior. Knitting plus crochet.

Crochet skirt free pattern

Brown Skirt free crochet pattern - symbols only. There are also several other skirt patterns. It looks like a search was done for skirts because there are multiple posts on the page.

Outstanding Crochet: Free People. Crochet Maxi Skirt.

The crochet maxi skirts by Free People often have a great boho look to them