puf cubo cuerda DIY muy ingenioso 2

Puf con cuerda a partir de un cubo

DIY bucket rope stool (plus storage!) Could use this on the porch to sit pots on when not using as a stool

Heart-shaped page marker origami

Origami is a little tricky for them because they don't have the dexterity, but with a little help they made origami bookmarks and christmas trees as an activity. They had fun with it. Folded Paper Heart Book Page Marker – DIY

Great for bookmarks :)

Quick tip: heart shaped paper clips! So gonna do this to all my paperclips.

10 Useful DIY Fashion Ideas

beaded hair elastics diy

DIY Hair Accessories DIY Hair Band DIY Beaded Hair Elastics Note: since my hair is so long and heavy ponytails give me headaches, an elastic that can slip over my bun is a better fit.

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