10 Ideas para decorar rincones del hogar con cosas recicladas!

10 Ideas para decorar rincones del hogar con cosas recicladas

Decoración reciclando cajas de pizzas ~ OK -- I just couldn't use a pizza box -- certainly that would attract unwanted guests!

DIY de cartón

Las ideas para reciclar cartón nunca dejan de sorprendernos

I can see making these the right size for plastic shoe boxes, then sorting my fabric out of those huge bins its in now.

Tubos de cartón - lamparas de cartón

Creativas ideas para reciclar tubos de cartón y redecorar tu hogar

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Periódicos que se vuelven algo más

Turn sheet music from your favourite love songs into a DIY wall art masterpiece! One random red heart adds the perfect finishing touch to this stunning wall art project

Love! Maybe a repurpose purpose for some of those Crate & Barrel boxes I've been holding onto?

Beautiful cut-out canvas. You could leave them see through to see the color of the wall behind or it'd be easy enough to put craft paper behind which would be easy enough to change with the seasons or new decor.