I& like to copy the floral burst on the curtains onto a pillow and finish it in crewel.

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Aumônière & réticule : l'affaire est dans le sac ! - L'annexe de Marie

Here we have my very first original hand embroidered mandala design! The others I've done in the past have been from purchased patterns. I really enjoyed creating this. Embroidery hoop art by Suosaari on Etsy.

Mandala indio bordado brillante aro arte color de rosa, púrpura, lila turquesa sobre fondo blanco

Mandala Indian style embroidery hoop art home decor gift mendi cotton 2nd anniversary rainbow mendi framed bedroom accessory embroidered

Colours can be personalised - just ask Mandala ~ Indian embroidery hoop art - pink centre radiating out through lilac purple to turquoise on white heavy cotton drill. Finished with a lilac hanging ribbon Machine embroidered using quality rayon colourfas