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Got a spare tire? Wrap it with rope for a cool nautical floor "cushion". How to make a DIY Tire Ottoman.

DIY Ottoman by covering a bucket!

5 gallon bucket into storage ottoman and stool I need to make at least 3 of these! What an awesome diy up cycle project for the living room!

Want! floor pouf pillows from old sweaters... So fun for kids to sit on!  Could be fun to make so my high school art kids could sit on the floor for lectures and critiques.

I could make a dog pouf pillow! Pillow poufs from recycled sweaters! This site has tons of ideas for thrift store sweaters, love them.

Recycle your old tires! Very Cool.

DIY tire furniture upcycle repurpose furniture ottoman chair - My idea is to cover top with material or leather & then add jute.

Puf con una cámara neumática

Puf con una cámara neumática

DIY Tire Tube Seating - I don't know how I feel about this. Make into dog bed?

DIY recicla un neúmatico

Dogs truly are a man's best friend, so why not make them feel like it? These 14 DIY dog beds are sure to spoil your pet to the next level! Not only are these for your doggie best friends, but also loo

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Crafty – 50 Pics

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Crafty - 50 Pics

DIY Ottoman Out of Plastic Bottles DIY Projects I will have to try with plastic coffee cans!

DIY Recycled Tire Cushion DIY Recycled Tire Cushion

DIY Recycled Tire Cushion Ugly fabric but cool idea for an ottoman maybe keep top flatter or recess it enough to maintain cushion but not have that weird bubble

How To Make a Great Chair From Old Tires

How To Turn An Old Tire Into A Couch tires diy craft crafts reuse home decor easy crafts diy ideas diy crafts crafty diy decor craft decorations how to home crafts recycle tutorials teen crafts

tires for seating.. so many different ideas for around our Race Track

Creative and Cool Ways To Reuse Old Tires.

When one can make cool furniture out of these old tires then why disposing them off!

Recycled tires and outdoor fabric for photo blind seating

Tire to Ottoman and Table.

My husbands car tire needed changing a couple of years back and the tires were still lying around.I saw  this on Instructables :-D and thought hmmm.there are possibilities :-) .

How To Make a Great Chair From Old Tires

Recycling Plastic Bottles Ideas What the fuck? Why make furniture out of old water bottles when you could just a) use a water filter and b) drink out of a reusable bottle? Or you can spend a day on this silly landfill craft idea.