Pour ma collection de plumes ... ça leur referais une beauté et un nouveau style

DIY Painted Feathers

Great idea for my dream catcher feathers! DIY painted feathers and collage it on wall on indian head

DIY Strawberry Pom Pom Tutorial

DIY Strawberry Pom Pom Tutorial (Under my crochet board because of the yarn)

Tissue Paper PomPom Flowers  so easy and pretty @Julie Forrest Forrest Haber Gendler

Tissue Paper Pom Poms are some of most common DIY party decoration ideas around. Making these involves folding a stack of sheets of tissue paper

Ah my kids will love this!!

DIY Minions diy craft crafts craft ideas diy ideas kids crafts diy craft kids diy kids craft, I love those guysssss

Cute Cardboard Box Crafts: Cardboard Box Kitchen Stove

Cute Cardboard Box Crafts

Make play kitchen from old boxes and CDs. It's cute, but not too sturdy, as it's just cardboard. Good use of the boxes, though, and I love that it's mostly recycled products. Old CDs for the burners?

Frasco brillante 1

Frasco que brilla en la oscuridad

You will need: a jar and glow-in-the-dark paint! First, take one of the jars and rinse it out. Next, take a paint brush and decorate the inside of the jar with polka dots of glow paint. Finally, go into a dark space and watch your jar glow!

Kids' craft station---note the butcher paper

De-lurking (and craft-room inspiration!)

Justin's Warehouse Acropolis — House Tour

Justin's Warehouse Acropolis — House Tour