Xul Solar • Painter of the Unimaginable

Argentine Alejandro Xul Solar or actually Oscar Agustín Alejandro Schulz Solari, (1887-1963) is one of the most singular representatives of the avant-garde art in Latin America. He was a painter, sculptor, writer, visionary utopian, occultist and an inventor of imaginary languages. His œvre contains paintings of alternative universes, cities floating in the sky or on lakes, creatures that are half man and half airplane, angels, pyramids and whatever else came to him in his reveries.
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Xul Solar - Añoro patria

Lovely play between colour, form and shapes. Unusual and beautiful picture in balanced composition.

Xul Solar - Zigzag con kioskos

Xul was friemds with Pettorutti (another Argentinian painter) and Jorge Luis Borges, a reknown Argentinian writer.

Xul Solar - San Signos 1930

Desarrollo de Yi Ching, tempera on paper, by Xul Solar, 1953