интересная идея для шали / Вязание спицами / Вязание шали спицами

шали палантины шарфы

DIY Fashion Accessories - interesting idea for shawls / Knit / Crochet shawl spokes

How to DIY Simple Felt Home Slippers #craft #sewing #slippers

How to DIY Simple Felt Home Slippers

Making a pair of home slippers is easier than you might have thought. I came across this nice DIY tutorial on how to make simple felt slippers. What a cute and smart idea! Just measure the size of your feet and draw the pattern on a piece of felt.


Pulseras de macramé: Nudo serpiente alterno

DIY: Cómo hacer una bolsa para repostería con un paño de cocina | Aprender manualidades es facilisimo.com

Convierte los paños de cocina en cómodas bolsas de repostería

a bag for a plate of cake - spanish but with a good tutorial video

Gurigajuego baño

make a sling to hold small umbrellas in front closet and hang from cafe rod and clips

zapatillas cómodas suéteres |  alteración |  Foro |  bordar una cruz

Sweater to slipper - step by step tutorial plus how to measure your foot for a shoe making pattern, in English.