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DIY Wall Decoration with CD DIY Wall Decoration with CD.paint a solid color and then use stencils to make different designs on them - DIY Homer

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interesting - remove the holographic film from a cd-r with polymer clay- tutorial for hair barretts.

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15 Amazing ways to recycle and craft with old CDs and DVDs! This is the best DIY CD upcycling craft list. It's amazing what you can do with old CDs!

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Printable clock faces for old CDs WOW! I hope they mean "Printable clock faces FROM old CDs" .

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How to Microwave a CD. What do you do with obsolete CD-ROM's? You can cook them in a microwave oven. Take a CD or CD-R which is defunct or useless and place it in a microwave oven, standing up in the middle against a glass or paper cup.

16 DIY Projects You Can Make Using Old and Scratched CDs

16 DIY CD Craft Projects You Can Make Using Old and Scratched CDs

How to make cd/dvd bowls. This is a great way to repurpose old non-re-writable cds and dvds / (There are more detailed directions in the tutorial.) Pinner said, "I will say from personal experience, DO the silver removal OUTSIDE! Deb_In_PA