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Charge 5 iPads at Once With Griffin's PowerDock 5

Charge 5 iPads at Once With Griffin's PowerDock 5

If you have multiple iOS gadgets cluttering up various outlets throughout your home, Griffin Technology's PowerDock 5 might be for you.

The Best Way to Wrap Your MacBook's Power Cord

The Best Way to Wrap Your MacBook's Power Cord

Entrepreneur J Cornelius posted this picture on Twitter, and it's a pretty ingenious tip. Instead of wrapping the big power cord separately, wrap it around the power brick and use the small cable to hold it in place.

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast Review - Men's Journal

Google's quick and dirty USB dongle lets you pump Netflix, YouTube, and other media from the Internet directly to your HDTV.

5 | Ikea's New Catalog Magically Transforms Into Furniture | Co.Design: business + innovation + design #tech #IKEA #app #home

Ikea’s New Catalog Magically Transforms Into Furniture

In an amazing use of paper, Ikea’s new catalog can be placed anywhere in your home, and appear as any piece of furniture on a smartphone or tablet.

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A creative Kickstarter project designed to easily boost the audio on your iPad

Never have to venture into the Basement again to turn off the light! Just click on the room from wherever!

13 Innovative Switches and Socket Designs

You can add that extra bit of smartness to your house by opting for any of these 13 innovative switches and socket designs.

Fish Cord Holder - cute way to organize your iPad charger.

Fish Cord Holder - cute way to organize your iPad charger.

15 Kooky USB Hubs

15 Kooky USB Hubs

Here are 15 of the coolest and most creative USB hubs to keep you connected and maximize your space for gadgets.

Your photos go heavy metal with PostalPix: an easy app that rocks

Your photos go heavy metal with PostalPix: an easy app that rocks | Cool Mom Tech

As much as I love my camera phone, I tend to forget to do anything with those photos, since downloading them to my computer means one extra step in a day that is already too full of “extra steps.” So my overworked brain is thankful to find an app for both iOS and Android that […]

Bose QuietComfort 20 - Headphones - CNET Reviews Noise-cancelling in-ear buds. Nice! #tech

Bose QuietComfort 20 (review): Expensive, but the best noise-canceling in-ear headphone

Despite some downsides, including a high price, the Bose QuietComfort 20 offers the best noise-canceling in an in-ear headphone and should tempt frequent travelers looking for a more compact alternative to full-size NC headphones.

The perfect headphone splitter for multiple passengers.

Stop the arguments in the backseat with cool car travel tech | Cool Mom Tech

As the holidays fast approach, I give thanks for having family nearby, especially when I feel myself nodding sympathetically to those endure the many hours-long car rides to get to relatives’ houses. For them and for all Cool Mom Tech readers who are gearing up for a holiday travel adventure (calling it that makes […]

6 of the best gifts for travelers!

6 tech gifts for travelers under $30 | Cool Mom Tech

For those of us who travel a lot, tech is it’s own gift. It’s our lifelines, our memory preservers, our connection home to our families (thank you, universe, for video chat, on behalf of all parents who travel). And sometimes, tech is our way of keeping our families happy so we can get a little […]

BoostBlock Backup battery from Eton -- keep it in your bag so you never lose power. (And wow, so small!)

The coolest trends at CES 2013: Portable power gets seriously innovative | Cool Mom Tech

The more our gadgets and smartphones become our lifelines, the more it becomes essential to make sure we don’t run out of juice on the road. One of the more practical trends that we caught at CES 2013 was the vast array of portable power sources, from innovative charging cases to battery packs. I saw […]