Shot glass from upcycled cutted bottles in glass  with kitchen

Shot glass from upcycled cutted soda bottles. These are adorable, and my husband has a friend who would think these are the perfect gift if they were made out of beer bottles. They have different color of beer bottles,

Bombillas, botellas... Vamos a comprobar cómo es posible decorar con objetos de cristal reciclados y de una forma muy original.

Ideas llenas de inspiración para reciclar cristal o vidrio

If you are a DIY lover who likes creative ideas, wine bottle lighting may be a decent choice. Yes, old wine bottle is never just a container, and it can be used for many purposes and the lighting ideas are just some of them. You can create a colorful chan

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35 Ideas creativas para reciclar y decorar con tarros de cristal

Mason Jar Herbs: Mason jars may be a cliché, but we gotta admit, they're tailor-made for an indoor herb garden and crazy-easy to assemble. Click through for more indoor herb garden ideas.

¿Tienes recipientes de vidrio en casa, y no sabes qué hacer con ellos? Mira estas ideas tan inspiradoras.

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