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Blue/green hair on Cara Delevingne!

New Music: Beyonce – Formation on In Flex We Trust – Beyonce surprises us with a new joint! Listen to “Formation” after the jump!

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A retro mom giving he daughter a retro look complete with pin up hair, temporary tattoos, & make-up. I promise I will do a photo shoot like this with my daughter when I have one!

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mee by girlsaying.

thevisualvamp: “hollywoodlady: “Marlene Dietrich, 1930 ” The gesture ”

Cara: Laugh until it hurts

The Blanc Collective // Fashion Photography // Cara Delevingne


☯ y'know, i originally head a great headcanon for my story posted in this section, but then i realized how bad it was, so here we are ☯