Tarjetas para paquetes de regalo. Aprovechando las cáscaras de cacahuete, podemos hacer una bonita cabeza de reno

Christmas Present Tag Idea! These adorable Reindeer gift tags are simple to make. All you need is half a peanut shell, a tag, and a black and red marker. Just glue the peanut shell to the paper, let it sit, and then draw on Rudolph.

For cat lovers and anyone having a tough time of things. Hang in there. Love the creative curled paper card embellishment! This kitty is tearing down the walls. :) Doesn't look too hard to doodle.

Hang in there. Just a simple folded scrap of paper can really make a card! Now, I just need to look at some of my stamps more creatively! - What more to say other than we just LOVE cool stuff!

Eine schöne Idee für daheim oder als Geschenk für die Familie!

DIY Nursery Decor: Daddy Mommy and Me hand print. Directions: a frame with a CANVAS MAT Choose different paint colors for each hand-print Put hand prints on canvas Let them dry Add the date and put in a frame.