Bubbles by micu nicoletta occella, via Flickr

interior design home decor furniture shelves shelving bookshelves--could paint to look like a sports ball.

Bookcase / nendo. With crates

ithinkthatspretty: “fold for Conde House A shelving unit made of interlocking wooden boards oriented to different angles to the left and right. Thanks to the superior craftsmanship of Conde House, a.

Fancy - Leaning Shelves by Deger Cengiz

Leaning Shelves by Deger Cengiz - Leaning Shelves are made out of reclaimed redwood, salvaged from a dismanteled water tower in New York. Simple wood planes are joined without any screws or hardware.

Librero Sauder Soft Modern Collection - $ 2,999.00 en Walmart.com.mx

Moderna Bookcase This eye-catching bookcase showcases asymmetrical cubbies, perfect for stacking leather-bound tomes and displaying decor.