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Audi eSuitcase by Erkan Candar

The Audi eSuitcase is a fabulous idea for lovers of Audi by designer Erkan Candar from Germany. If you have traveled the world, you know that getting from

ShelfPack la Maleta con Baldas

Introducing the ShelfPack, a new kind of luggage with built-in shelves and an innovative, patent pending design. The shelves and front pockets keep your gear organized, visible and easily accessible.

Micro scooter attached to cabin size luggage to zip between terminals at airport - now here's a way to make travel fun!

Micro Scooter Store – Samsonite luggage packs a micro scooter! This cabin-sized luggage has a flipout board that adds a third wheel to the two standard rollers under the hard-case bag, transforming it into a micro scooter that you can ride around.

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