kit para bordado mexicano . pie de cama con almohadon !!

Kit Bordado Mexicano . Pie De Cama Una Plaza + Almohadon

Natalia Gemma is a Textile Designer/ Artist born in Rhode Island. Natalia creates original hand-painted patterns for fashion, home and paper products.

Les Tenangos, sont de véritables oeuvres d'art, réalisées par les indiens Otomi. Cette mosaïque de couleur vous offre une décoration bohème mexicaine.

It's narrow and the length make it feel unique, It's colorful and happy too.

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Erin Schechtman: Another page for work. This one is inspired by otomi designs. Deadline for this huge project is on .

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Such amazing detail & unbelievable skilled craftsmanship by Mexican Artisans - We love the color, patterns, variety and workmanship that go into the beautiful hand made textiles of Mexico - to see more visit www.

Otomi indian embroidery from Tenango de Doria Hidalgo,Mexico by Mexico Culture, via Flickr

I recently discovered the most extensive source of Mexican embroideries that I have ever seen. This large photographic collection is Bob Freund’s labor of love. Original from Clifton,…