baby blanket?

Can anyone help with chart or pattern? Crochet granny from Japanese magazine e 'Tennen Seikatsu' - February 2013 (now out of print)

Crochet: diagrama del punto acolchado!  Con una perla en cada rombo queda lindo ;)

Wild Salt Spirit: Crochet: quilt or diamond stitch diagram! we sewed a pearl in each diamond :)

Dandelion Garden pillow. Use these small, cute and easy to make overlay crochet ornaments to decorate your old pillowcase. Free pattern by @lillabjorncrochet

Grow your own mini Dandelion Garden and decorate your old fabric pillowcase with fresh spring ornaments. Free overlay crochet pattern by Lilla Bjorn

SusiMiu | Tutorial de Alfombra de Ganchillo XXL de muestras hexagonal

crochet in the home pic is also a great tutorial for making this XL Hexagon Crocheted Floor Mat.