Once Upon A Time

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many different pictures of people with words on them
Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time
four different movie posters with the same character in each one's face and text on them
Disney and Once Upon A Time counterparts - Not what you expected, huh?
two movie posters for once upon a time and once upon a time
Frozen in "Once upon a time" <==This would be epic and I would totally love it!
the faces of many people with different facial shapes and hair colors, including one woman's face
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Once Upon a Time cast: Snow, Charming, Regina, Emma, Rumple, Belle, Red, & Hook.
some disney princesses with different names on them
Snow White, Sleeping Beauty/Aurora, Mulan, Belle, and Cinderella. Live action versions of Disney Princesses, classic fairy tale characters come to life in the hit TV show Once Upon A Time. OUAT.
four women standing next to each other in front of a white background
You say "obsessed" like it's a bad thing
Once Upon A Time- David to Charming. Mary Margret to Snow White. Emma to uhmm Emma. Mayor Regina to The Evil Queen.