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TBT: Middlemarch (1994) – Actors & Actresses, 1980s, Films, Lady, British, Drama, Historical Fiction, Emma Thompson, Aubrey
TBT: Middlemarch (1994)
TBT: Middlemarch (1994) –
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12 Sitcom Breakups That Made Us Legitimately Emotional
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Star Trek’s Finest Hour: The Inner Light
Star Trek’s Finest Hour: The Inner Light | Ekostories
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Loved Press Gang and Lynda Day.
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Darlene Is the Only Reason to Watch the New Rosanne
Darlene Is The Best Character On The New Roseanne Reboot
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Life After Life star talks 'intense, crazy' filming for BBC drama
BBC Drama - Life After Life, a Kate Atkinson adaption of a life relived time and time again, and what it means to lead a meaningful life, with reflection to German Philospher Friedrich Nietzsche
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Normal People ― a mirror to your first love, or big love, or whatever you call that person you cannot forget | Life Curator
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The Normal People obsession continues... - Chloé Loves To Shop
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17 of the most long-awaited kisses in TV history
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Felicity (TV Series 1998–2002) - Episode list - IMDb
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Top 10 TV Couples
Kevin and Winnie - The Wonder Years
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The Friends reunion: the best, the worst and the Bieber
The revelation – apparently unearthed here for the first time – that David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston battled with debilitating yet unconsummated crushes on each other felt like actual news. Their bashful reminiscences, accompanied by behind-the-scenes footage of them flirting like actual mad with each other, were unbearably sweet. The Ross/Rachel storyline was done to death on Friends, and inspired a wealth of imitators, so it’s lovely to know that it was rooted in something approximating t
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From Line of Duty to Lost: 10 of the best TV twists
From the Guardian's Top 10 Plot Twists... The Office Christmas Special’s festive treat Plot twists don’t have to be gruesome or shocking – they just usually are. But when Tim’s lost love Dawn reappeared at the Wernham Hogg Christmas party having dumped her irksome fiance, it sealed The Office’s legacy. This was that rarest of things: a twist that gave the audience exactly what it wanted.