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Paleta de color en colores crema, violeta, azul y verde vivo.
The notion that Homo naledi were caching their dead in underground chambers that are exceedingly difficult to get to has one parallel in Neanderthals. In a deep Spanish cave known as Sima de los Huesos, there is evidence that Neanderthals were caching the bodies of their dead companions 400,000 years ago.№3333
Sweet Spectrum Color Palette | Design Seeds


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color and psychology #Colorpsychology
Color psychology emotions #Colorpsychology
Color psychology emotions #Colorpsychology


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Dark, rusty deep red - brand color palette inspiration from Liberty Brand Lab. #libertybrandlab #colorful #colorinspiration #palette #paletteinspiration #brandpalette #branddesigner
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#colorscheme #colorschemes #colorpalette #colorpalettes
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the color chart for different types of paint colors and their corresponding names are shown in red, green, yellow, orange, and black
three different colors with the numbers in each one and two are shown on top of each other
цветовая палитра
an image of a rainbow colored background that looks like it could be used as a wallpaper
Palette / [Chic] - Mellow
the color scheme for different colors and font
the color scheme for different shades of green and yellow
Color Palette Inspiration with Great members of Green Family
Color Palette Inspiration with Green. including these hex codes: #E3E566 #A5CF61 #6F9B3C #558257 #264E49 #dopely #green #colorpalette
the blue hues are different from each other
Color Palette inspiration with Blue
an image of the blue color scheme
the color scheme for different shades of pink and green
the color scheme for different colors is shown in red, green, yellow and orange
the color palette is green, blue, yellow and orange with different shades to choose from
Color Palette Inspiration
the sugar rush game is shown in pink and blue
Sugar Rush Color Palette
Grab the free color palette I used to create this "Sugar Rush" hand lettering in the Procreate app!