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wait... anyone else thinking what I'm thinking? make the wings smooth like whale fins and the face a mass of tentacles form the cheek bones down...!

Balthazar the Grotesque makes a devastating new addition to the Lazarus Cause and a destructive impact to the Imperial Heirs' hopes in

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Designs 1

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Designs 1

tetování anděl - Hledat Googlem

A tattoo design I whipped up real quick like way back in Jan My sister's friend Amanda asked me to draw her a "death angel" and this is what I came up with. She liked it and ended up getting i.

Gothic Gargoyles | eBay

This menacing gargoyle looks deep into the candle he holds in his clawed hand. The wall hanging is designed like a wall sconce with a gargoyle perched above and looking for his foes. This gargoyle has