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a statue of a man riding a horse on top of a rock in the water
landscape architecture | Aly Wagenvoorde
The Gardens of Bomarzo, circa XVI century, province of Viterbo, Italy
an image of a statue on the side of a cliff
Amazing pics
Isola, Capri, Italy.
an image of a bridge that is going over the water in venice, italy at night
some potted plants are sitting on the steps in front of an old building with blue and yellow tiles
Caltagirone, Sicily
Tiled steps, Caltagirone, Sicily, 7 Oct 2017 #VisitingItaly
an alleyway with cobblestone stone floors and arched doorways
Ostuni, Puglia - Italy I'm in love with Italy! Architecture & beauty!
people are standing on the edge of a bridge over water
Un pequeño pueblo que parece colgado en torno a una cascada en Italia (Nesso) - 101 Lugares increíbles
Nesso (Como Lake), Italy
a clock tower on top of a building with tables and chairs in the foreground
Discover Italy!
Castelmola, Sicilia, Italy
the beach is crowded with people on it and there are many buildings in the background
Tropea, Italy
an aerial view of a city with bridges and buildings in the foreground, overlooking a body of water
an old castle on top of a hill with trees in the foreground and mountains in the background
Travel Agency - Italy vacations, Caribbean resorts & honeymoons.
Val d' Aosta Il Castello di Saint-Pierre, circondato da meleti - Foto: Cofruits
an aerial view of a city with boats in the water and buildings on both sides
Venise is Venise
Venise is Venise
an aerial view of the city and its surrounding buildings, including dome structures in the foreground
El vaticano, Roma, Italia
an aerial view of the roman forum in rome, italy at sunset with text overlay that reads anni belmabrouke
The Forum, Rome, Italy (via Beautiful Italy) - have had the opportunity to visit in person!!! Its amazing! :)
some buildings are on the side of a hill by the water in front of a body of water
Amalfi Italy