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an image of a painting with words in arabic and english on the bottom right hand corner
an image of some power lines in the sky with arabic writing on it and trees
an arabic text written in black ink on a beige background with the words'i love you
an image of a man with his arms in the air
an arabic text on a black background with white writing in the middle and bottom corner
an islamic greeting card with arabic writing on blue and yellow background, featuring a golden key
an image of a woman sitting next to a pot
Art, Qoutes, Supportive, Quick, Save
an arabic text on a red background with images of men and women in traditional garb
an oil painting of a building on display
an arabic text written in black ink on white paper with the words,'i love you
an arabic text on a brown background with the words in two languages, one is written as
Latif Sarkaar!💕